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Florence. Not the city that's me. Florence Fahmy. Welcome to some kinda bible. There are A dictator of style with an overflowing wardrobe. Instagram

Taking a gap year baby!! I’ll take up modelling full time and travel, see where the year takes me and depending on circumstances I’ll either go to uni at uts and study visual communications or look at international unis - a huge dream would be to study fashion communications at central saint martins, london x


We have similar interests! <3 I hate the way the HSC works with an atar but yes I think it is still important, depending on the uni/course you want to apply for they ask for a specific atar, and due to competition and popularity of a course/uni the atar can be higher. However there are some unis/tafes that don’t care about the atar, like saint martins in London is entirely portfolio based, but a visual communications degree at UTS asks for an atar in the 90s, I recommend doing research about the course and uni you want to apply for, see what it asks for! In the long run, both are just as important you shouldn’t prioritise one over the other, if you have both you’ll have something to fall back on or do amazing in both and you’re sorted! But really it depends on the individual and what you’re applying for xx


a day before a test and the only question i have is what did we learn

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